Why Partner with nadg?

Affiliated partners chose NADG because they find alignment around shared values, a commitment to best-in-class patient care and a belief that future success can be amplified through collaboration. We’re all stronger when we work together.

  • Dr. Alap Choksey

    Chief Professional Officer

    Group Founding Partner, Corner Dental in Toledo, OH | Joined: 2012

    As we were growing and adding practices, I realized there would be significant benefits to align with an established company with centralized services. NADG’s mission to support best-in-class patient care by providing exceptional operational leadership and administrative services was exactly what we were looking for. We were excited to be the first group practice to affiliate with NADG. Our shared growth vision has made the partnership successful and I continue to be amazed at what is possible in our joint quest for excellence.

  • DRS. Kent McBride, Jeff Minchau, and Spencer Stiles

    Group Founding Partner, Meridian Dental Specialists in WV, MD & PA | Joined: 2019

    When we met NADG, we realized that the framework we were working to build already existed – to be best-in-class while providing a great culture. NADG’s partnership environment allows doctors across specialties to truly work as one to provide outstanding patient care. We believe that the most successful dental groups will embrace collaboration in a multi-specialty model focused on patient care. Our partnership with NADG has far exceeded our expectations, and we couldn’t be more excited about the future.

  • Dr. Frank Nia

    Chief Clinical Officer

    Group Founding Partner in Atlanta, GA | Joined: 2017

    When we came across NADG and learned more about their value system and available resources, choosing to partner was an easy decision. Not only did they align with our core values, we were also perpetuating the same business strategy.. it was a win, win. I’m working with like-minded people against our common goal to collectively grow our business while making quality patient-care the top priority.

  • Dr. Moshood Martins

    Regional Dental Director

    Group Founding Partner, Precision Orthodontics in Northeast, OH | Joined: 2017

    Being able to care for patients and focus on my purpose to help make a difference in someone’s life every day is a blessing. As a NADG partner, I’m able to do what I love and make people smile. I continue to be amazed at the extensive network of like-minded people within NADG who support me so that I can ‘show up’ for my patients and practice my passion for dentistry.

What makes nadg different?

North American Dental Group is a doctor-led organization committed to deliver best-in-class dental care to every patient, every visit.

Practices are owned by the Professional Dental Alliance (PDA), a group of dentists affiliated with NADG. The PDA enables doctor collaboration through its Dental Advisory Board (DAB), an internal board of dentists charged with guiding clinical activities and creating standards to ensure best-in-class patient care while advancing the profession. The DAB has 11 committees ranging from Clinical Excellence to Doctor Development and Training, to Diversity & Inclusion.

Committees work to establish clinical practices, standards of care, quality supplies selection, doctor training and development, and culture. It is a hospital approach to dentistry with a focus on collaboration.

Founding Partner & Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Andrew Matta

Does Partnership fit into the next chapter of your journey?



  • Share knowledge and insights with dental colleagues – mentor and be mentored
  • Enjoy a spirit of camaraderie with like-minded individuals
  • Benefit from buying power and economies of scale
  • Participate in continuing education and ongoing training
  • Rely on a team of experts to support the business side of your practice


  • Work your passion – be a dentist!
  • Achieve work-life balance
  • Create a custom plan for wherever you are in your career – you choose

Financial Rewards

  • Participate in the success of a larger organization
  • Expand your practice footprint through our options for future ownership in additional practices
  • Equity ownership/partnership opportunities available for all doctors
  • Minimize financial risk during economic crisis


We’re looking to the future with a goal to expand our footprint in both existing and new markets by partnering with like-minded doctors interested in being part of our unique approach to group dentistry. It’s all about the right fit. Let’s continue the conversation.

  • 15 States
  • 230 + Practices
  • 3,120 Teammates
  • 146 Dentist Partners

"Our culture is derived by the action of thousands with one unified goal, to change dentistry."

- Ken Cooper, Founding Partner & CEO

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