Pioneering a new culture of dentistry.

Pioneers don’t blaze a trail because they can, they do it because they must. They honor their long-held desires to change their lives for the better, leaving behind a blue print for the next generation to find. Once we realize what we are capable of, we must find a way to unlock and realize that potential.

Our group philosophy is simple. Our want to pioneer a new culture in dentistry starts with bringing good people into our group. It is not enough to simply put our like-minds in the same room. We are committed to providing the ultimate freedom, individuality, to those who want to do the right thing for the patient, and for each other.

We empower those with the right goal in mind, who would otherwise go it alone, by providing them with a strong group of individuals for focus and support. We use proven methods in administration that we have learned over a decade’s time, paired with growth initiatives that will guide us to where we are going, to pioneer a future in dentistry that we all want to be a part of.


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NADG began as a small group in northeastern Ohio. The best thing about starting in the Midwest is that opportunities lie in all directions. We have grown to encompass a total of nine states. Looking in all directions outward must not preclude looking inward. Despite our size, we decidedly practice group dentistry, and not corporate dentistry.