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Our Philosophy





Group Dentistry









Our dentists are part of a group of fellow dentists and their colleagues.  They have complete autonomy on providing patients the best possible patient care through their own Professional Dental Alliance or the PDA.  Our dentists are not employed by the management are but are part of the PDA.  The management arm, NADG is independent, and provides support to the dentists and their practices. 

These support functions include Revenue Cycle or Collections, Accounting, Marketing, Recruitment, IT, and Patient Services.  This support enables the providers to focus on patient care and create best practices.  We pride ourselves as being the Nation’s 1st Group Dentistry. 



Quality of Life

Our quality of life are perfectly embodied in our values of CAREIS Compassion, Accountability, Relationships, Expertise, Integrity, and  Service. All of us look at these values as our guide both at work and away from work as our guiding principles of who we are. We value employees who hold these values important to them in their relationships at work and also with their families, in social situations, and in the community.

Being well rounded individuals is an important part of what we are about and that is why we encourage giving back through service, continuing education, and maintaining a proper work life balance.




Culture and Leadership

The NADG culture is the thread of our company. It is the spirit of who we are, how we service each patient, and how we treat each other. As the company grows, we focus on developing personally and professionally. Team members act as a mirror of our mission and every day we find ways to recognize, celebrate, and show gratitude for the achievements of all members.

We integrate our personalities into our professional lives to embrace individualism of each team member to achieve an ongoing state of happiness and freedom. Our core values guide us in every decision that is made. Most importantly is the courage to focus on integrity, doing the right thing even when it is the harder thing to do.








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