Why Join Us?

Caring people caring for people.

Professional Opportunities

Careers can be like a workout routine. They are hard to get started. We would like to break the ice by letting you know that we are hiring, and that we are likely to have a broad range of opportunities available as we grow. Our group has extensive experience in managing and supporting over 200 dental practices, and no one practice is the same. We need dedicated administrative people at the local level in each practice. We also need people to help our centralized resource center serve our group. No matter what you do or where you work, everyone has an equal importance in our group. We look forward to getting to know each other.

Our People

Our people work with a team mentality that binds us together as an organization, but that also respects each person’s individuality. It follows, that what binds us together is also what makes each office unique: the people.

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  • Full Benefits
  • Competitive Salary
  • Individuality is respected

Help us support our affiliated doctors and dental practices, and we will make sure to support you.